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Our nation's community of retired, professional and former college athletes suffers from unique and specific health issues. These individuals have exposed their bodies to extraordinary physical stress. In many cases, this has led to long-term chronic conditions.

Young high school athletes also expose their bodies to similar physical stress.

The P.A.S.T. Retired Athletes Medical Resource Group is an independent medical organization providing extensive medical, pain management, behavioral health, age intervention, concussion and other specialized medical programs directly to retired athletes. Many of the programs incorporate the use of specialized nutritional supplements which has resulted in symptom relief and improved quality of life for many athletes.

As part of the P.A.S.T. commitment to a global health approach, they have launched E-PRO Nutrition to provide evidence-based nutritional supplement support not only to the former athletes they treat but to everyone. E-PRO nutraceutical formulas has a role in targeting the most pressing health challenges.

E-PRO Nutrition formulas are manufactured under the strictest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). All raw materials undergo several lab tests to guarantee the highest quality ingredients. Finished products are tested by independent, FDA inspected labs. They are also tested for Disintegration to ensure that the products will dissolve in the body.



Evidence-Based Nutraceutical Support for Brain Health and Integrity. Formulated for Those Who Wish to Achieve and Maintain Optimal Brain Function and for Those Who May Be Suffering the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.

"Advanced Brain Protector represents the latest and most reliable research on supporting brain health and function through the administration of nutraceuticals. The active components in Advanced Brain Protector are supported by human clinical research."